May 18, 2014 - General Meeting 2:30 pm
First Baptist Church, 300 Willits St. Birmingham MI 48009

Breeding Maudiae-type (Mottled Leaf) Paphs

Graham Wood, an accredited American Orchid Society judge and founder of Lehua Orchids on Hawaii’s Big Island (also known as the Orchid Isle), is the guest speaker for the final MOS meeting of the 2013-2014 season on Sunday, May 18. Grahamwill speak about "Breeding Maudiae-type (Mottled Leaf) Paphs". He’ll discuss color, form and the influence that other species can have on new hybrids.

A breeder, hybridizer and grower of Paphiopedilums, Masdevallias, Angraecoids, and Lycastes, Lehua Orchids began as a pot plant supplier of mixed genera in 1990. Graham soon began growing paphs getting flasks from Krull Smith and later from Floricultura in Holland. His real love for paphs came in the late 1990s when he worked for a year at the Orchid Zone. Since about 2000, his focus has been on Lehua’s Paph breeding program and continued refinement of its objectives.

Located on the slopes of Mauna Loa, halfway between Hilo and Volcano in a community called Mountain View, Lehua enjoys almost daily tradewinds along withh the nightly cooling effects of “mauka” winds that travel downward from the mountaintop. The location’s summer temperatures of highs around 85ºF and lows of 65º and winter temps of 75º during the day and 60º at night allow Lehua to specialize in intermediate temperature orchids.

Lehua Orchids has received more than 100 quality and cultural awards from the American Orchid Society, and Graham is a respected and in-demand speaker of a variety of topics related to Paphs. Graham has a busy schedule in Michigan this month. On May 10, he speaks to the Saginaw Valley Orchid Society about Maudiae-type Paphs and the new breeding being done with them. The next day he’s featured at the Ann Arbor Club’s meeting at Matthei Botanical Gardens. On May 16, he is the guest speaker at the Greater Lansing Orchid Society Meeting. The next morning he’s off to Ann Arbor where he will share his “Thoughts (and Prejudices) on Judging Single Flower Paphiopedilums” at the 2014 Educational Seminar - Cypripedium Alliance at Washtenaw Community College. Before heading to Birmingham for our meeting on Sunday, he will return to WCC for Day 2 of the Educational Seminar.

Don’t miss what promises to be a lively and informative meeting!

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